Monthly Archives: July 2016

July’s Pick

Well, it ain’t GM. After recommending General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) for each of the last four months, we’re offering something different for July’s stock choice. Before we do, it’s important to be completely transparent and let you know that GM was actually tied again this month with another stock at 14 points each. If you’ve already built a position in GM based on our suggestions, go ahead and add to your holdings this month. It’s still a great-looking stock scoring 14 out of a possible 20 points. More on that later.

Our choice this month is MetLife, Inc (NYSE: MET). MetLife is paying a dividend of 4.05%, considerably less than the 5.26% you’ll get from GM. The P/E ratio for MetLife is 8.46 which is nearly double GM’s 4.33, meaning GM could be viewed as being a little better-priced. GM is also more profitable as measured by their EPS of 6.68 compared to 4.67 of MetLife. Ok, you might be wondering, “Ummm, then why are you going with MetLife instead of GM?” One main reason: MetLife is 32% off their 52-week high while GM is only 22% off theirs. That means MetLife is at a better sale price compared to what people were willing to pay over the last year. Put another way, the price of MetLife stock could appreciate more compared to that of GM in the next several months. We think that possibility will compensate for the lower dividend yield. To be clear, we don’t advocate buying a stock just because you think it might increase in value. That sounds an awful lot like acting on a ‘hot stock tip.’ That’s not the case here. We’re simply trying to choose between two solid, reliable companies and we’re using potential capital appreciation to break a tie. It’s worth noting that another minor advantage to buying MetLife this month is that it increases the diversity in our portfolio by adding an insurance company to the mix.

Honestly, we don’t think you could go wrong with either one of these companies. If you prefer the higher dividend yield of GM then buy them instead. Either way, you can sleep at night and that’s a really nice spot for investors like us to be.